About Ruthanne Collection

Launched in Cape Town,  November 2020, Ruthanne Collection is a curated collection of high quality printed artworks. We have partnered with South African artists to bring a range of printed artworks to your home. From limited edition signed posters, to custom sized canvases, to scatter cushions and table linen. Browse our gift range for tote bags and more. Each artist receives a royalty for every piece that is sold. Thanks to your support they continue to produce fresh, engaging and timeless art. 

We want your home to be just that – Your Home! Not a chain store version but rather that unique special haven you have dreamed of creating. Artwork brings your home that much needed personalised stamp.  Whether you’re browsing for a bold colourful show stopper for your entrance hall or a calming landscape that blends effortlessly into your colour palette, at Ruthanne we have something just for you.  Decorating your home brings it to life and the collection of art that you hang on your walls paints an even bigger picture. It becomes like a modern day family crest telling us a story about you and creating a space where you feel safe, relaxed and comforted.

Life should be full of hope, happy families, and sunshine days. It is all about perspective. Hopefully, this collection will help you achieve just that – pieces to put into your spaces which become rich memories of times spent in the presence of dear family and friends.

Ruth Anne