The Four Basic Rules to Hanging Wallart

These tips serve as a general guide to correctly hanging your wallart based on interior decorators international rules. Once you know why and how  they work to achieve good balance in bringing your interior together in a balanced manner, you can then expeiriment with size and proportion with confidence. 

These tips are meant to serve you not put you in a box. Think of them as training wheels. When you walk into a room, your eye reads colour first. This is not a rule someone dreamed up and slapped on the rest of us, this is just how we are designed. Knowing this, can help you decorate a room without leavig you with a sense of visual whiplash. 

Knowing how to to hang wallart helps connect your furniture and the rest of the interior so visually you feel calm, even in a very busy or bright environment.

Can you see how this makes a huge difference. The example on the right looks unconnected  - like two separate pieces, whereas the left reads as one piece.

So now you have some basics guides in hanging art, you can experiment with own home. Have fun and enjoy your home. 

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